Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Welcome to Bicton Park

Bicton Park Gardens is an area of outstanding beauty containing a collection of trees and plants as well as an 18-inch narrow gauge railway and other day-out attractions. It is situated on the A376 between Budleigh Salterton and Newton Poppleford, near Devon's great city of Exeter.

My grandad George Cook used to take me to Bicton when I was young. When I get out in the car park, even now,  I still recall eating my picnic with grandad on a day when we arrived at lunchtime, enjoying the cup cakes and Kit Kats that were reserved for special occasions such as this and being fascinated by the textured vinyl roof of grandad's car.

We would explore everything Bicton had to offer - walking round the gardens and trees, looking round the Countryside Museum and, most importantly having a ride on the narrow guage woodland railway.

Some things have come and gone, which I will go into in more detail later. The short lived Bicton Hall of Transport and vintage bus rides around the grounds are two of the things I miss the most. 

Me and my sister Sam sitting in 'Budley'. This engine was near the station and was placed off the rails on the tarmac for kids to play with. I could not get enough of it but it is sadly long gone.
The steam engine 'Woolwich' makes its way through the gardens.

My grandma Olive outside Bicton's gift shop. Taken by grandad on one of their visits. (edit. I don't think this is Bicton but I like it all the same)

Another of 'Woolwich' on a sunny day.

My grandad George.

(All pictures taken by George Cook except picture 2 unknown)

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