Thursday, 30 May 2013

New Addition - The Reg Imray Collection

Following on from my last post on the short-lived 'Bicton Hall of Transport', the Countryside Museum has a new section that brings the old attraction to mind. It is called the 'Reg Imray Collection' featuring some motoring pieces from local collector Reg. Now 90 years of age, he has been collecting classic motorcars and bikes since he was just 19. Bicton has a small selection of his 40+ vehicles.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Past Attractions - Bicton Hall Of Transport

Bicton has seen a number of attractions come and go over the years. From the brilliant vintage bus ride (featured earlier) to the short lived 'Gotcha-land' (a very bad Noel Edmunds spin-off). The Bicton Hall of Transport was one of the good ones and was situated in a purpose built structure that is now the children's indoor play area.

Opened during the summer of 1979, the hall was filled with a collection of vintage and veteran cars as well as a selection of motorbikes and cycles. The exhibition was built around a collection of early vehicles assembled and restored by Leslie Goldsmith. His family had offered the collection to Bicton to house and exhibit to the public. I don't have much on its demise. At a guess, I would say that it would have gone around 1984 when the James Countryside Museum had a reduction sale of some of its contents. By 1985 a new attraction 'The World of Yesterday' and 'The World of Tomorrow' was advertised. The latter being housed in the Hall of Transport building.

The pictures I have show the earlier cars - an impressive collection.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Bicton Postcards 2

Bicton Postcards

Budley's Last Days

I took this picture in the 1990's and Budley is looking worse for wear. The not so good paintwork, missing nameplate and bell make it look scruffy and I think the seat that was once there had been removed.