Sunday, 9 August 2009

Bicton Guides and Books

Below is a collection of guides and books that have been available over the years. Some of the dates for publication are a good estimate rather than a confirmed year of print. My colection is ongoing, so I will add to this list as I acquire more Bicton goodies.

Bicton Gardens Guide

1963 N. D. G. James / The Raleigh Press

Bicton Woodland Railway

1963 N. D. G. James / The Raleigh Press

Bicton Gardens Fourth Edition

1966 N. D. G. James/R.H. Tilbrook / Jarrold & Sons Ltd.

The Trees of Bicton

1969 N. D. G. James/ Oxford Basil Blackwell

Souvenir Guide to Bicton Gardens

1977 N. D. G. James / Beric Tempest & Company Ltd.

Souvenir Guide to the Bicton Gardens Countryside Meseum

1977 N. D. G. James / Beric Tempest & Company Ltd.

Bicton: Countryside Museum • Railway • Gardens • Hall of Transport

1979 Severn Advertising (SW) Ltd.

Beautiful Bicton: Bicton Park Botanical Gardens

2001 David Mead/Simon & Valerie Lister/Park Publishing

Friday, 7 August 2009

Bicton Gardens New Look Website

The official Bicton Gardens website has recently been overhauled and features new content as well as a new look.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Past Attractions - The Hermitage Bus

The Hermitage bus was another attraction that took visitors on a tour of the gardens making its way to the Hermitage through the Pinetum. I currently don't have much information on the vintage bus except that it was an Austin. As you can see from the pictures, it was painted in the Bicton blue colour. I remember it being a very rickety ride but good fun and something else to look forward to once the ride on the railway had come and gone. I am guessing that this attraction was introduced after the gardens had been opened for a while and lasted until sometime during the 1980's.